Bjorn Beam

Intelligence & Innovation Consultant

As technology expands and the marketplace grows brutally competitive, corporate espionage runs rampant. Bjorn takes on these challenges using the counterintelligence methods he honed working within the CIA as an operations officer and economic analyst.

Bjorn helps companies see beyond spreadsheet risk – developing big data solutions to accelerate your growth and balance the scales of the corporate espionage battlefield. A consultant, trained to tackle the human component of the problem, Bjorn equips your business for agile adaptation as disruptive technologies or market changes to come your way.

Bring your most pressing issues, complex dilemmas, and nagging security concerns; I will devise intelligent solutions to give you the upper hand.

Areas of Expertise

& Awards

IE Business School Startup Lab Winner

For a privacy data security app 

Economic Award for White House Analysis

Plus 8 CIA Performance Awards