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Bringing Solutions the  Cybersecurity & Corporate Espionage problem

One of Bjorn’s top passions is educating today’s youth on issues around cyberbullying and internet use to prevent the cyber problems of tomorrow.

Security Squad Adventures Book 1

Written for children ages 6-10, this comic books series helps kids understand the dangers of the internet and teaches them how to protect themselves. Covering topics such as online security, cyberbullying, social media interactions, and coding, the Security Squad Series empowers children to take control of their digital future.

This book conveys important cybersecurity knowledge in a fun, age-appropriate form that’s easy to remember. It also encourages healthy, trusting parent-child relationships as it emphasizes the importance of talking to a trusted adult whenever something on the internet feels strange, dangerous, or outright disturbing.

Preparing Our Kids for Digital Immersion

Your children are raised in a digital world, where likes and followers dictate every aspect of their lives. They are definitely more tech savvy than you were at their age. Your kid probably learned to use a smartphone faster than you learned to use your Etch A Sketch or your Windows 2000 computer. Yet, your children are extremely vulnerable and it’s up to you to prepare them for the digital world.

Have you prepared your child for all the dangers lurking on the internet? If not, this is the book for you.

Cyberbullying Crash Course:

Protect Your Kids from Cyberbullies, Cyber Violence, and Digital Peer Pressure

With a few taps on the screen, you can order a month’s worth of laundry detergent on Amazon, find a date on Tinder, or join a heated argument on Reddit. Just as easily, your child could give a phisher your credit card details, share their address with a sexual predator, or fall prey to cyberbullies.

The Internet makes all of this very easy.

You can’t just take away your child’s phone or block certain online activities with parental control apps. It’s easy to find a way around such apps and your parent-child relationship will suffer immensely because the child will know you don’t trust them.

The only way to keep our children safe online is by educating them about cybersecurity, cyberbullying, social media interactions, and online predators.

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • How to talk to your kids about cyberbullying and cybersecurity
  • How to identify phishing emails and mal-ware/mal-apps
  • How to know if your child is being cyberbullied
  • How sexual predators use the internet to lure in their victims

Upcoming Books

Security Squad Adventures Book 2

The second edition of Security Squad Adventures builds on the adventures of Zara and her friends in their quest to understand cyberbullying and how to confront it. This fun and interactive comic book builds on the cybersecurity lessons learned, while letting kids know they are not alone in the battle against cyberbullying.

Data Security: How to Keep Your Personal Data Safe Online

We talk a lot about our data privacy, but do we really understand the full scope of our exposure? In this book we explore the dark world of data privacy and how it impacts you and your family on a daily basis. This book teaches you about what data crumbs you are leaving all over the internet, and how these pieces give a vivid peak into the most sensitive parts of your life that you did not even know you were sharing. With this power comes the tools to take action and become more aware of your data privacy.

Available Soon

A Parent’s Guide to Teen Social Media: What Your Kids Aren’t Telling You

We know social media is here to stay, but do we understand how it shapes and molds our children? The digital world is a massive, astonishing, and also highly dangerous place. In this book we explore what teens are doing online, the psychological impact it is having, the child privacy issues, and finally how parents can proactively protect their kids. Don’t be the parent in the dark, but be the parent driving positive social media interactions.

IoT: Why Your Privacy is in Danger, and What to Do About it

IoT is a message from the future. In today’s world, where infinite number of items are listed, sold, and used, a new technology has emerged – the internet of things.

The internet of things is actually quite a simple concept. It is meant to connect everything in the entire world to the internet. That means that every car driven will be monitored. Every animal in the planet will be recorded. Every item you use will be tracked.

While this may sound like a sci-fi movie, there are important benefits to using this technology (including fighting global warming, dealing with water crises, and even the elimination of diseases), and the world is heading in this direction whether we like it or not.

In IoT, Bjorn Beam shows you exactly how the world is taking advantage of this futuristic technology, how you can use it as well, and how you can protect your private data in a world where everything is monitored and followed.

In IoT, Bjorn Beam shows you exactly how the world is taking advantage of this futuristic technology, how you can use it as well, and how you can protect your private data in a world where everything is monitored and followed.

Gamifying Cybersecurity Education

It’s a battle getting kids to hold interest in learning when they’re in the modern classroom. Distractions are everywhere, particularly in the digital realm. But can we convert some of the powers of these distractive tools to create a positive learning environment. In this book, we explore the world of gamification in children’s education with what works, what doesn’t, and what is harmful.

Security Squad Coding: A Kid’s How-to Guide

Coding is like learning a new language. Make it fun, make it simple, and make it straight forward, and kids are sure to catch on quickly. In this book we explore the world of coding in a fun way to help kids grasp the fundamentals and prepare themselves for the digital future regardless of what programing languages they learn.