Your Crash Course to Teen Social Media is Now Available

Any parent out there right now knows that communicating with your teen about their social media usage can be totally frustrating and impossible to understand. What are they doing on their phones all of the time? Could they be in danger? Are they a victim of cyberbullying and you don’t even know it?

Parents can feel totally helpless in this invisible world of online communication. It’s not something you or I grew up with; therefore, we don’t totally understand it.

That’s why we took the time to write a crash course e-book that’s going to save you and your teen’s relationship. We don’t believe that the digital world should tear families – and kids/parents apart. We sat down to pen everything you need to know in:

A Parent’s Guide to Teen Social Media: What Your Kids Aren’t Telling You

Broken down into chapters of social media is here to stay, what are teens doing online, the physical impact of social media, what your teen doesn’t understand, online privacy policies, and how you can be proactive, we don’t leave a single stone unturned in the teen social media conversation.

We provide:

  • 6 reasons why social media is here and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon
  • 3 examples of what teens are doing through social media that you probably don’t know about
  • direct messaging etiquette and 5 likely engagements that are consuming your teen
  • Gen Z’s favorite social media apps (they aren’t ones you necessarily know)
  • 6 psychological impacts of frequent social media usage
  • 5 major things your teens don’t realize while they’re using the internet
  • basic online privacy policy tips
  • actionable steps for you to take as the parent

By the time you’re done with our e-book, you’ll know how to identify threats, how to approach these topics with your teen in a way that won’t shut them down, and how you can make social media discussions something of normalcy in your household. We make the case for: the less taboo the social media topic, the more likely your teen is going to confide in you about their social media usage.

It’s time to get your family back and help your teen stay protected online. We believe with insight, information, and education, it’s entirely possible. The internet isn’t going away anytime soon. It’s time for all of us to adapt, and we’re here to make it happen.

Download our new e-book today!

A Parent’s Guide to Teen Social Media: 3 Things Your Teens Are Secretly Doing on Their Phones

We were all teenagers once, which means we should all understand the natural desire to rebel against parents, authority, and society as a whole. The problem today is that these teens have the internet at their disposal as they rebel, which can create dangerous problems related to cyberbullying, online predators, and inappropriate information or photos that can haunt your teen later in life.

We recently released an e-book, titled A Parent’s Guide to Teen Social Media, so you no longer need to wonder. With the right education and insight, we can all work to keep our teens safe. Asking them to get off of social media isn’t the answer – they’ll still find a way back on. Instead, you need to remain vigilant and aware.

Here’s a little snippet of what you can expect in our e-book.

3 Things Your Teens Are Secretly Doing on Their Phones

  1. Lying About Their Age:

The average social media user makes their first account at age 11 today. Many social media sites mandate a minimum age of 14 or 15 before making an account, which is why most kids will lie about their ages to end up on these social sites. If you think age requirements are stopping your kids from being on social media, think again.

  1. Adding Friends They Don’t Know:

Teens don’t fully grasp the real danger that lurks in our world today, which is why they don’t understand the danger of adding random individuals to their private social media accounts. In a Pew Research Poll, the study found that one in six teens have “friends” on their social sites that they have never personally met in person.

The problem is that teens want to appear popular to other teen users on social media, which is why they want their follower and friend count to be higher. They are therefore more likely to add strangers for popularity appearance. So even if you know their profiles are private, adding these individuals inside presents a new kind of danger.

  1. Direct Messaging Friends, Crushes, or Bullying Groups:

Every social media site and platform has a direct messaging tool today. This is where private chatting occurs that is hidden from public view. In these chats, teens can make groups with friends, send inappropriate content to crushes and boyfriends/girlfriends, or even engage in cyberbullying by sending around gossip to big groups of recipients, etc.

The public image of your teen’s social media doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface.

Now, we don’t want any of this to alarm you. In our e-book, we show you how you can manage your teen’s psychological health through social media addiction, without having to cause any screaming fights.


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